Staying on Track with Innovative Collaboration

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New forms of work are evolving as professionals in transition develop careers that transcend from the present into the future. As traditional jobs continue to disappear, unique ways of producing and marketing viable products and services will continue to manifest themselves. While professional and personal branding focuses on individual value, it’s the collective effort of talented teams that has the greatest potential to accelerate economic stimulation.


  • Brainstorming unique ideas with trusted colleagues
  • Showcasing collaborative projects in videos, podcasts and articles on a website
  • Sharing case studies that produced creative, compelling results
  • Attending entrepreneurial events sponsored by local universities
  • Organizing focus groups that help determine the feasibility of a new product or service
  • Setting goals to connect with clients in a given time period
  • Researching opportunities to get involved in open-source projects
  • Engaging followers in social media platforms to obtain feedback
  • Participating in professional networking groups that fit your goals

The value of teamwork begins in the classroom and playing fields where students start laying the tracks to the future by working together. Encouraging adaptability and collaboration at an early age will foster the synergistic innovation that will help prepare them for a constantly-changing work environment.

What do you think? How do you stay on track?

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