Do Montessori schools create creators?

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Does a less structured learning style nurture innovative thinking and experimentation? By giving children a Montessori education, will you increase their creativity and inventiveness?

There is a healthy and ongoing conversation about the benefits of Montessori education. Montessori schools are designed to inspire individuals to follow their curiosity; to not worry about being right or wrong, but rather encourage critical thinking about their actions and outcomes. Montessori learning methods are intended to foster creative communities through student collaboration.

Many of today’s leading innovative thinkers attended Montessori. Nicknamed the Montessori Mafia, they include: Larry Page and Sergei Brin (co-founders of Google), Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon), Will Wright (prolific game developer), Jimmy Wales (co-founder of Wikipedia) and Julia Child (chef, author and television personality).

In this article, The Wall Street Journal, The Montessori Mafia, discusses some of the differences between Montessori and traditional learning.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that many of today’s leaders attended a Montessori school, or is the Montessori method of learning directly responsible for bringing out the traits of these modern day innovators?


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  1. Hazel Wagner says:

    I believe Montessori school methods inspire independent thinking which can lead to innovation.  It impacts how parents communicate and work with their Montessori children not just the children themselves.

  2. Jonny Dep says:

    if kids play learning games children regularly then they can be very creative cause this game offers the kids to be so.thanks for sharing the post here with us.

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