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The Future and STEM

As the world of technology grows, so do the amount of jobs in the field. Why are students today choosing to take interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and what can we do to increase this appeal?
Harris Interactive conducted two surveys on behalf of Microsoft that look at why students are pursuing STEM [...]

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The technological legacy of Steve Jobs

On Wednesday of this week, we lost a great industrialist and creator. Steve Jobs was a true innovator and has left us with many ideas to work with. Suzanne Fischer, The Henry Ford’s curator of technology, shared her thoughts on why we often clamor for the products Jobs and his company created. This blog post [...]


Steve Jobs Gave Us the Tools to Make a Difference

Steve Jobs announced his resignation from Apple last Wednesday. Since then, there have been many blog posts about what will happen to the future of Apple. Perhaps we would be better to focus on what Steve Jobs has given us and how we can use that to make a difference in the world.
Josh Linkner, Chairman [...]


Amplifying The Maker Force

We met Jeff Sturges at Maker Fair Detroit 2010, where he introduced us to Fab Lab and its impact with urban farming in Detroit.

Jeff came back for Maker Faire Detroit 2011 and left very inspired and motivated. In this guest blog post, Jeff shares his enthusiasm and shares ideas about how anyone can get [...]


Innovation in the Classroom

In a classroom in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, students were weary of learning the same way, and in the same styles and formats, as students did 100 years ago. They were not satisfied to sit in rows while their teachers lectured them. They wanted to interact and collaborate with each other. They wanted to learn from [...]


Six Girls Scouts in Iowa Receive U.S. Patent for their Prosthetic Hand Device

You are never too old or too young to innovate. Six girls, 13 years old and under, registered for a national challenge to invent a biomedical device that would help heal or improve the human body. Their creation not only won the FIRST LEGO League Global Innovation Award, it was also awarded a patent. [...]


Let There Be Light

Millions of people around the world can’t afford electric bulbs and live in homes that lack windows, resulting in lives spent mostly in darkness. However, thanks to a program called Liter of Light, many families in the Philippines will be able to afford light in their homes by a new innovation — old soda bottles [...]


Exoskeleton Helps the Immobile Walk

In July of 2007 Austin Whitney became paralyzed from the waist down due to a car crash. On May 7 of this year, he walked across the stage at his college graduation thanks to the Berkley Robotics and Human Engineering Laboratory (also make the eLegs robotic exoskeleton).
Known as the Austin in honor of its first [...]


Making Aerons Green

Makoto Azuma's astroturf chair might not live up Don Chadwick’s "breath-ability" vision for the Aeron chair he designed, but we'd be thrilled to get grass stains sitting in it!
When Chadwick was creating the Aeron chair, he wasn't interested in the style of the chair — he focused on the mechanics of how it worked and [...]


Do Montessori schools create creators?

Does a less structured learning style nurture innovative thinking and experimentation? By giving children a Montessori education, will you increase their creativity and inventiveness?
There is a healthy and ongoing conversation about the benefits of Montessori education. Montessori schools are designed to inspire individuals to follow their curiosity; to not worry about being right or wrong, [...]